PGT: Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Performance, Cincinnati, OH

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Mara Helmuth contacted us about performing on the UC-CCM Sonic Explorations series, so we did. Thanks Mara!

It was trip-down-memory-lane time for Terry and me. Terry received his DMA from CCM, and I was on the CCM faculty for a year and a half back c. 1994. In fact. that's where I met Terry and stole him away to Columbia.

As with some of the other PGT on-line recordings, these are from the mix we send (or would send) to the PA system, so they don't contain a lot of Terry's direct mandolin sound. The third piece above ends with a beautiful mandolin solo by Terry which is completely absent here. Fortunately we have a 5-channel recording with the mandolin part included that Terry will be mixing; I'll put it here when we can.

Some pictures:

Brad and Gregory before the show

Brad/Gregory soundcheck; poster by Katie Pender in the front

Terry/Gregory, Mara Helmuth in the back

Terry with his mom and dad at intermission

Terry and Gregory


Mara and Brad in the audience