PG: Columbia University "Digital Economies and the Politics of Circulation" Conference

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Ana Maria Ochoa, one of our colleagues at Columbia and currently Director of Columbia's Center for Ethnomusicology, had organized a conference addressing issues surrounding the use of new technologies in music/art distribution and social organization (or something like that... see the conference web page for a more complete description). Ana's really terrific, and she had an idea about involving others of us in the Music Department in the conference. So she asked if we could imagine something that the Computer Music Center could do, and indeed we could.

We thought it would be fun to augment her opening reception with a set of installations and music/art-works from the CMC. Douglas Repetto, Sam Pluta, Victor Adan and Daniel Igliesia all contributed their unique talents to the festivities, and Terry and I got to be the 'lounge band' again. Gregory had a prior commitment to perform in Belfast, Ireland (darn! we missed ya!), so we had to do a two-thirds PGT performance. Great fun, though, despite the near-miss car wreck escapades Terry and I encountered traveling to and from NYC. Ana enjoyed it so much she wants to make collaborations like this a staple component of all her future events. Nice idea!