GT(Th):Purdue University "Ministry of Funny Noises" Concert

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My old friend and former business partner (we co-founded Zounds Productions back in the late 1970's) Rick Thomas invited us out to play on his new "Ministry of Funny Noises" artist series at my old Alma Mater, Purdue Unversity. We shared the venue with his class, all Purdue students who had done amazing work in developing a collaborative laptop piece. Terry had commitments back in New York so couldn't come, but Gregory was able to make the trek down from Madison, Wisconsin for the weekend. We asked Rick to play acoustic guitar with us, and fortunately for us he happily obliged. The last three pieces above are from the concert, the others are rehearsals done prior to the show.

It was really terrific, my friend Dave Fulton and his wife Sherry (as well as others) dropped by to say hello -- what a time!

Like a dummy, I only took a few pictures. Check back here if you want, though, because I think I can get copies of additional photos, possibly even a video, of the event.

Here are the pictures so far:

overview of the theater setup

I got to run lights for the first half!