GPuRe: Room 320H Prentis Hall, Columbia University


We were extremely fortunate at the CMC this past semester to have Miller Puckette as a visiting professor. In addition to teaching a terrific seminar on interactive music, Miller has been working on a snazzy project using various tiles (ceramic) and small metal plates as controllers for music performance. By happy coincidence, violin virtuouso and improviser Todd Reynolds has been teaching a class at the Manhattan School of Music on computer-music technology just a few blocks away from us at Prentis Hall. Todd had arranged for his class to come by the CMC to see some of our historical gear and recent work, but the first time we set it up my brain completely disengaged and I missed the appointment! Aaaaugh! I was staring right at my calendar the very day of the tour, and my cognitive apparatus totally dysfunctioned.

So we rescheduled, and Todd mentioned that he had also spoken to Miller about possibly presenting his (Miller's) work to the class. I thought it might be fun to combine all of this into One Big Extravaganza (well, maybe a Sort-Of Smallish Extravaganza) with Miller and I talking about what we did after a tour of the facilities, and ending with a kick-out-the-jams session with Miller, me, Todd.

Actually it was this last thing that really drove it for me. I have tremendous respect for both Todd and Miller, and the chance to do some fun music with them together was just too tempting. So we did!

My laptop role is a bit more minimal than usual. I had to reinstall a bunch of software just before we started paying (I did it during Miller's portion of the "class presentations"), and I wasn't sure everything was working. Not a bad little piece though, for a total pick-up group of three people who have never done this together before. I like it!

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