Violin Concertino

Violin Concertino (2019) (6'40"): In Fall, 2018, I studied Jan Dismas Zelenka’s Missa Sancti Spiritus, ZWV 4 (1723, rev. c.1728-1729) with brilliant violinist/musicologist Dr. Kiko Matsuhashi 松橋輝子. When she agreed to premiere Violin Concertino, therefore, it was a natural consequence for the piece to stem somehow from the Mass. The main thematic melody of Violin Concertino originates in “Qui tollis” from the Mass. It is integrated into my own harmonies, which consist of constantly transformed pitch-class sets so that they explore the entire 12-tone pitch space in various ways. The transformations of pc-sets and melodic figures are strictly regulated by Lindenmayer systems, mathematical models of the growth of plants developed by theoretical botanist Aristid Lindenmayer. The rule systems are implemented in my own computer program for algorithmic composition written in Java. The Java program generated the violin part and the score files for the sound synthesis and processing software RTcmix, written by Brad Garton and his associates. Its instruments of channel vocoder, additive synthesis, and various filter instruments produced all the synthesized sounds.

I am very grateful to Kiko-san for her expertise in the style of Baroque concertos, Baroque ornamental passages, and performance practice in Baroque music and her very perceptive, indispensable advice I received throughout the entire process of the composition of this piece.

Violin Concertino was selected for performance at the International Computer Music Conference 2022 (ICMC 2022) in Limerick, Ireland, and a prerecorded video of a brilliant performance of the piece by Dr. Kiko Matsuhashi 松橋輝子 was presented on July 4, 2022.


Violin Concertino was selected for performance at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) and presented on June 24, 2022. Dr. Maja Cerar gave a great performance. Maja and I rehearsed the piece at the Computer Music Center of Columbia University, New York on the previous day:

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Violin Concertino was selected for performance at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), which will take place from June 14 to 21, 2020 in New York, USA. The festival was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak in New York.

Violin Concertino was given a splendid premiere performance by Dr. Kiko Matsuhashi 松橋輝子 at the ACMP (Asia Computer Music Project) 2019 / Japan-Korea Computer Music Festival 2019 concert at the OAG-Haus/Deutschen Kulturzentrum in Tokyo, Japan on July 21, 2019. The following photo shows Kiko-san giving the premiere performance:


Violin Concertino comprises six sections, A1-B1-A2-B2-B3-A3. The following is section A1 from the premiere performance by Kiko-san:

Akira Takaoka

New York
August, 2022

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