JDubiel v0.9

Application Software for Pitch-Class Set Analysis

JDubiel is an application program for music analysis, which uses analytical methods employed in pitch-class set theory.

JDubiel is named after Professor Joseph Dubiel of Columbia University, with whom I was privileged to study pitch-class set theory. JDubial was originally written as DUBIEL in Objective-C, C, and C++ under NeXTSTEP and Linux as part of my dissertation project, Stravinsky's 12-Tone Music: Some Principles of Atonal Pitch Organization. Joe generously granted me permission to use his name for the program when I was writing it in 1995. Then he allowed me to use it again summer 2005 when I showed him a prototype of this new GUI version written in Java.

If you are a student currently studying pitch-class set theory, I strongly recommend that you should not use this program but should use just a pen and music sheets until you acquire solid skills in the theory.

Please send me bug reports, suggestions, comments, and requests for new functions, etc. at [my first name][at]music.columbia.edu.

The paper on JDubiel presented at ICMC 2009 is here.

System requirements:

The latest version of the Java Runtime Environment, or JRE, is required for JDubiel. It is available for download here.

Download the latest version of JDubiel for Mac OSX, Linux, and any UNIX variants (I'm sorry but there is no Windows version available).

Unzip the JDubiel_0.9.zip file and double-click on the icon of the JDubiel file:

Then, depending on the OS you use, a window like one of the following will show up:


Click on a menu item ("Unordered," "Ordered," "Composers," etc)  and choose a submenu.

JDubiel consists of these frames.

Developers may be interested in the Java classes used for JDubiel.


Uncheck the "Block pop-up windows" option and enable JavaScript on your Web browser.

If you see the following warning message:

open Java Control Panel, choose the Security option, check "Enable Java content for browser and Web Start applications,"

click on the "Edit Site List..." button, and add "http://sites.music.columbia.edu" (without quotation marks) to Exception Site List as shown in the following window:

Refer to this Web page to open the Java Control Panel.

When you see the following window, click on Run.

If problems still persist, give me an E-mail message.


Softpedia-guaranteed 100% clean software JDubiel 0.7 (JDubiel_0.7.tar.gz, JDubiel_0.7.zip) is Softpedia-guaranteed (Mac, Windows) 100% clean software.

JDubiel is SoftSea-guaranteed 100% clean software.

Rated 5/5 stars at Fiberdownload JDubiel 0.8.1 is rated 5/5 stars at FIBERDOWNLOAD.

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